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Tat Tvam Asi Organic Plantation was formed because of the Founder’s profound love for nature. Since the days of excessive deforestation and habitat losses are being faced throughout the globe, we wanted to save a piece of land where our activities would give back equally if not more than what it took from nature.

As a result of this bold vision, our Founders Vishal Mehta & Aditi Mehta established a base in Bhadra Tiger Reserve and started Organic Farming based on sustainable principles of Permaculture with its strong aim to conserve and promote biodiversity through Organic/Agro-Forestry, Annual Reforestation, Water/Soil Conservation, Off-Grid Living and Sustainable Tourism.


Our single-origin coffee is grown at an altitude of 1400 meters ASL. Our Arabic plants (Kauveri, selection 9) are shade-grown under the native canopy of forest trees of over 50 species like wild ficus, java plum, jackfruit, 12 varietals of citrus, red cedar, rosewood etc. The farm is surrounded by biodiverse shola grasslands and Montanan rain forest. Our practices are completely organic and we believe in making our own compost, liquid manures and hold our reforestation projects to maintain the equilibrium of this delicate Ecosystem that we reside in.


Some of the rich varieties of Organic Arabica Coffee produced by us are 795, Kaveri (Old Variety), and Organic Robusta Coffee. Our produced coffees are processed using many different types of method like fermented washed, washed, anaerobic fermented and pulped naturals (in 4 colour variants). We recommend everyone to experience our farm stay at least once to understand more about our organic ways of plantation and explore the biodiverse system we have adopted in our land.


Our coffees are specialty rated coffees with a cupping score of 80 and above consistently. We are certified organic by KSOCA and wildlife-friendly certified by Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. While our Coffees are getting better each season, we are hoping to produce a 90+ Coffee sooner.

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