Why Organic

Why organic? Why shouldn’t we know what we put into our bodies
and what effects any harmful foods or products may have in the
short or long term on us, let alone be the earth.
Being organic, not only makes us sustainable but also makes
our coffee special. Refraining form fertilising our soil with
chemical fertilisers such as potassium nitrate and ammonium
nitrate , we help the fungi network grow naturally.
This network of fungi help to dissolve solid nutrients such
as phosphates as well as micro nutrient metals which needs
to develop the various rich oils that give coffee its deep
and rich aroma. This varied profile of oils give Tat Tvam Asi
Organic Coffee , its special taste as well as profile. Organic
fertilisation of our plants gives it the micronutrients which
gives our coffee its unique flavour, even though the body of
our cherries wouldn’t be that big and aft as an inorganic bean.

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