Escape in

our stay...

Tat Tvam Asi Farmstay is an invitation to one and

 all to come and experience sustainable harmonious living

with nature. It is a perfect place to experience peace

and tranquility in the lap of mother nature.

Some Activities

in our Stay!

Tat Tvam Asi Organic Farm stay is about experiencing harmony with nature.

You can just enjoy spending time on the farm and participate in the

farming activities or just relax and soak in the environment with books

from our library.You can also sweat it out by playing some outdoor games like

badminton and cricket on the farm, or enjoy playing board games

in the comfort of your room with your family.

We offer activities such as treks along scenic hills,

shola forests and plantation tours. We also offer birding experience.

The area is safe for self exploration but it is advisable not to

venture out at night. All activities are included in the cost of

the stay except day treks and jeep excursion.

We can arrange transport to places like Baba budangiri,

Mullaynagiri and Muthodi Forest Safari and Kemangundi, Belur.

Plantation Tour

One of our important activity

on the farm is to give guests

an informative tour of the farm

to show how coffee is grown

sustainably and what it takes

to give you your morning

cup of joy.

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Trekking & excursion

We offer nature walk through  forests

 and grasslands. You can opt for long

treks or take leisurely  walks to the

stream and waterfall in the property and

take a dip in the fresh stream water.

You can also take an educational walk

to our hydro system and learn

how we generate power.


Our diversity of trees and numerous

streams provide a home for a wide

variety of birds. Take the binoculars 

and watch out for those mesmerizing

creatures and add to the list

of birds spotted on the farm.

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Coffee Harvest

(November to February)

You can expect cool pleasant days,

most often sunny with breeze. Most

of the coffees are ripe and

ready for harvest, You can

experience picking and processing

first hand. 


Coffee Blossom

(March to May)

With the passing blossom showers in 

March, come experience living in the

valley of coffee flowers. The farm 

turns into a vision of whites and

enjoy the most amazing heavenly 

smell of coffee flowers.

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Fireflies Show


After the first spell

come these little inhabitants

lightening up our forests,

farm, home and our hearts!

You can come experience

the enchanting dance of

the fireflies from the

comfort of your balconies.



The Gift of


We may not have ac but we have an abundance of fresh, pure and clean air all around.  We may not have crowds of people around but we instead have a million trees, the birds and the bees for company.  We may not have televisions for entertainment but we have a whole jungle full of life to sit back and absorb the display of colourful sights and sounds.  We live with less but have so much more living as one with abundant and ever magical gift of nature. As we observe the wonder of nature and acknowledge its beauty we become filled up and renewed with a sense of humbling gratitude and indescribable awe that reconnects us to truth of life, that we too are as magnificent as the stars sparkling in the midnight sky.

Chickmangalur Muthodi Road, Kemmangundi, Karnataka – 577131

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